Different seas, same horizon

The growth of the business and our competitive position in the marketplace are dependent on having a team of committed and enthusiastic employees in place.

We seek motivated individuals with an enquiring mind who are interested in working in an inspiring and multicultural work environment that offers plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development. These initiatives include the d'Amico Academy project aimed at creating a community of employees, peers and experts sharing a common learning context, building professional stronger relationships, and a continuum of shipping and managerial expertise in our Group.

Our people say:

"The ropes on a ship play a very important role and keep it steady when it’s docked in port. These ropes are me and all my colleagues; the port is d'Amico, a safe haven and the home where we all come together."

" It did not take long to realize that not only is d'Amico a wordwide shipping company but more than that they are a family company with the emphases very much on team work, group interaction, learning from each other and satisfaction at work"

"At d'Amico, there is no such thing as feeling out of place or a cultural divide. Instead, cultures are harmonized. People steer towards each other. We are all together on this voyage, with one leg directly to windward, sailing towards our joint future."