d’Amico Group

The d’Amico Group, founded in 1952, is a world leader in maritime transportation in the Dry Cargo and Product Tankers sectors and offering international shipping services relating to the core businesses. it owns a modern and Eco fleet of Dry bulk carriers and Products tankers. With offices in over 10 maritime and financial centers worldwide, the d’Amico Group has over 300 ashore employees and over 3000 seafarers on board its vessels. Its mission and strategy have always been focused on sustainability, on customer care and on nurturing the professional excellence of its people.

Our Purpose

Connecting the world by sea, our responsibility is to create economic and social value,
respecting the environment and guaranteeing solid and transparent relationships for our stakeholders.

The most important value is our People

Although much has changed since 1952, our company's values remain simple and deeply ingrained. Family ties and an international outlook are our priorities and "do unto others" is not just a platitude but key to our development and growth. We have a commitment to maintaining the founding ideals through which our company has prospered.​

Code of Ethics

The Group’s Ethical Code reflects the values which have always inspired the d’Amico Family’s entrepreneurial experience. The Ethical Code represents the rules and the main foundations which guide the behavior of all those who work on behalf of and for the Group’s Companies.

Download d'Amico Code of Ethics >

Integrated Management System

The implementation of an Integrated Management System originates from a company choice which places primary importance in terms of the quality of services provided to the clients, health and safety at the workplace, energy efficiency, safeguarding the environment and social responsibility, through the adoption of recognized international standards and certifications.

Moreover, the Integrated Management System, developed with an approach based on company processes, allows the d’Amico Group to identify, maintain and improve a dynamic organizational management model in a united perspective, functional to the demands and specifications of the various sectors, taking full advantage of the possible strategies.

Continuous monitoring, suitable measurement of performance indicators, scrupulous execution of internal inspections, in-depth analysis of the data gathered and timely implementation of corrective actions and actions for improvement, allow the continuous growth of our company performance in terms of safety, customer and stakeholder satisfaction and environmental practices.

The flexibility of the Integrated Management System also allows us to ensure compliance with the numerous national and international regulations and legislations.

Such a system, already compliant with the ISM International Safety Management Code is nowadays extended in accordance with the following international standards :


RINA Best 4 Plus

The application of all these standards has allowed the d’Amico Group to obtain, first in Italy, the prestigious RINA Best 4 Plus certification which recognizes compliance with the main current standards.

ISO 26000

The d’Amico Group also has the ISO 26000 certification for application of the guidelines to integrate Social Responsibility in the activities, policies, strategies, procedures and objectives.

Group Structure


  • Paolo d'Amico

    Executive Chairman

    • Cesare d'Amico

      Chief Executive Officer

      • Roberto Michetti

        Executive Director

        • Pietro Amorusi

          Group ICT Department

          • Luca Cappotto

            Corporate International Department

            • Antonia d'Amico

              Group Sustainability Department

              • Lorenzo d'Amico

                Group Insurance Department

                • Salvatore d'Amico

                  Group Fleet Management Department

                  • Cesare D'Api

                    Group Technical Department

                    • Francesco Rotundo

                      Group Human Resources Department

                      • Enio Spurio

                        Group Financial Department

                        • Domenico Savio Taiano

                          Group HSQE Department

                          • Federico Viti

                            Legal Department

                            • Carlos Balestra di Mottola

                              DIS - Chief Executive Officer

                              • Federico Rosen

                                DIS - Chief Financial Officer

                                • Flemming Carlsen

                                  DIS - Chief Operating Officer

                                  • Benjamin Wilkes

                                    Dry Cargo - Chief Operating Officer

                                    • Emanuele d'Amico

                                      Dry Cargo - Managing Director

                                      • Giovanni Capello

                                        Dry Cargo - Chief Financial Officer

                                        • Pietro Eugeni

                                          Containership - Managing Director