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To support the Line and Dry Cargo transport segments, the d’Amico Group entrusts a network of excellence of international owned-Agencies: ACGI Port Agents e Pac Ocean Maghreb (previously Navighreb).

ACGIwith headquarters in Vancouver, Singapore and in the East and West coasts of the United States offers services including procedures to moor the ships, contacts and information to recipients, evaluations, red-tape procedures, and procedures for classified goods, assistance to the crew, loading / unloading operations and the various contacts with the appointed terminal. 

Another important maritime agency of the d’Amico Group is Pac Ocean Maghreb (previously Navighreb), with headquarters in Casablanca, operating in the Western Mediterranean. Founded in 2008 after 40 years’ experience of the Group in line containership maritime transport, benefitting from a dense network of offices in the territory of Morocco, it provides assistance and consultancy both to the ships of d’Amico Dry Maroc, and to the ship-owner fleet which have commercial relations in a nation with strong economic growth and an important maritime traffic intersection, such as Morocco. The agency also provides assistance for leasing Containers.

Through such agencies, the Group intends to strengthen the process of vertical integration and to cover an important role in the support and expansion processes in business activities all over the world.




RUDDER  S.A.M. provides 24/7 worldwide bunker procurement services to the Group operated fleet and to selected customers, for all vessel types.

Procurement is done through direct access to credit lines with over 400 physical bunker suppliers and 600 ports  worldwide: all major oil companies, State Oil companies, integrated oil companies and independent bunker suppliers. As part of the d’Amico Group; Rudder has a ship-owner oriented approach and can provide integrated solutions to bunkering needs with focus to global bunker plan optimization, physical supplier screening; claim prevention and handling, and any other special operations related to bunkers.

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Baleno International Tour, a subsidiary of the d’Amico Group via Sirius, with headquarters in Genoa, is an agency which is specialized in marine travel, able to offer the best travel solutions both in operational terms and in terms of air tariffs. >