d’Amico offers a Full Ship Management system, also for third party clients, able to guarantee a complete 360° Shipping experience

All the ships of the d’Amico Group, including those under technical management, are subject to constant monitoring in order to guarantee the conformity of IMO regulations (International Maritime Organization), MARPOL (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships) and other international regulations applicable to the sector.

To guarantee the best possible experience of maritime transport, d’Amico Società di Navigazione S.p.A. has a Full Ship Management system covering all such activities through its own technical department, with headquarters in Rome, as well as entrusting itself to other subsidiaries, renowned in the technical naval sector: Ishima Pte. Ltd. with headquarters in Singapore and Sirius Ship Management, with main offices in Genoa. All the qualities of the Full Ship Management services are also made available to third party clients.

d’Amico also offers support in the management of quality systems, safety and safeguarding the environment, also dealing with legal aspects and insurance.

Technical Management

d’Amico Società di Navigazione has an advanced technical department, with headquarters in Rome, made up of highly qualified personnel. Thanks to this, a wide range of in-house technical management services are provided for the Groups’ ships and, on request, for third party clients, guaranteeing 24/7 early assistance.

Through the support of the Ishima subsidiary, technical management services are supplied (also to ships of third party groups), following the current maximum regulatory standards of the industry, in the clients’ best interests. Through specialized teams,  Ishima constantly carries out audits and inspections on board ship to ensure that the highest standards of international compliance are respected, aiming to exceed client expectations.

Every onboard inspection is used as an opportunity to understand the crew’s company culture, including their vision, mission and policy.

Ishima also offers maintenance services in the ships thanks to a specialized team which is renowned in the entire shipping sector. >

Newbuilding Supervision

Supervision during the process of building new vessels, also for third party clients, has been another of Ishinma’s activities since 2007. Over 120 ships have been supervised over the last few years.

The types of ships built (for which the Company is specialized in supervision) include: product carriers, gas carriers, chemical tankers, bulk carriers and containers. Projects in Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam are currently supervised.

The supervision services cover all the ship construction phases and specifically: assessment of sites with in-depth recon, the selection of the project manager, the approval of the design, the coordination and dispatch regarding the construction, constant controls during building as well as the final checks and delivery. >

Gas Carrier Management

Over the years, the d'Amico Group has gained important know how in supervising gas carriers newbuildings.

Capitalizing both on the supervision of the newbuildings, and the recruitment of specialized resources in the technical management of gas carriers, in 2020 the Group has decided to create a dedicated gas division within the Technical Ship Management area.

Our goals are:

  • to become a reference partner in the Gas industry,
  • to support gas sector players and offer technical competences centre, also during the evaluation project phase.



Sirius Ship Management S.r.l, a subsidiary of d’Amico Società di Navigazione, offers a complete service for the management of maritime personnel, both for the Group’s companies and for third party clients. Through the offices of Geneva and Mumbai, Sirius provides professional teams for the selection, training, recruitment and payroll of the personnel.

Sirius is MLC 2006 certified, (Maritime Labor Convention), a convention which defines the regulations linked to international maritime work, referring to the SOLAS conventions (Safety of Life at Sea), to MARPOL (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships) and to STCW (convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) in order to guarantee the protection of the rights of personnel onboard, as conferred by the naval company RINA, Royal Institute of Naval Architects) in certification and classification. >

Vessels Performance Monitoring

The Vessels Performance Monitoring falls within the range of services offered by the d’Amico Group for the technical management of ships. A specialized team ensures the monitoring of emissions and energy consumption via a last generation system both on board the ships and on land, guaranteeing, as well as the optimization of services and costs, the respect of European and international regulations in terms of maritime environmental policies. In this vital environment, the d’Amico Group is the benchmark worldwide, as seen by the fact it won the 2019 SMART4SEA Energy Efficiency Award and the GST Green Ship-owner of the year award in 2016.    


The implementation of an Integrated Management System originates from a company choice which places primary importance in terms of the quality of services provided to the clients, health and safety at the workplace, energy efficiency, safeguarding the environment and social responsibility, through the adoption of recognized international standards and certifications.

Moreover, the Integrated Management System, developed with an approach based on company processes, allows the d’Amico Group to identify, maintain and improve a dynamic organizational management model in a united perspective, functional to the demands and specifications of the various sectors, taking full advantage of the possible strategies.

Continuous monitoring, suitable measurement of performance indicators, scrupulous execution of internal inspections, in-depth analysis of the data gathered and timely implementation of corrective actions and actions for improvement, allow the continuous growth of our company performance in terms of safety, customer and stakeholder satisfaction and environmental practices.

The flexibility of the Integrated Management System also allows us to ensure compliance with the numerous national and international regulations and legislations.

Such a system, already compliant with the ISM International Safety Management Code is nowadays extended in accordance with the following international standards:


RINA Best 4 Plus

The application of all these standards has allowed the d’Amico Group to obtain, first in Italy, the prestigious RINA Best 4 Plus certification which recognizes compliance with the main current standards.

ISO 26000

The d’Amico Group also has the ISO 26000 certification for application of the Guidelines to integrate Social Responsibility in the activities, policies, strategies, procedures and objectives.