Passionate about shipping.
The family’s entrepreneurial tradition, our values and the respect for the environment have always been the key points which guide our choices. 

d'Amico Società di Navigazione SpA

The d’Amico Group, founded in 1952, is a world leader in maritime transportation in the Dry Cargo and Product Tankers sectors and offering international shipping services relating to the core businesses. it owns a modern and Eco fleet of Dry bulk carriers and Products tankers. With offices in over 10 maritime and financial centers worldwide, the d’Amico Group has nearly 300 ashore employees and over 3000 seafarers on board its vessels. Its mission and strategy have always been focused on sustainability, on customer care and on nurturing the professional excellence of its people. 




DIS - d'Amico International Shipping

division operating in the Product Tankers sector, listed since 2007 on the Milan Stock Exchange in the STAR segment.

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Over 80 years of history



The origins of d’Amico Società di Navigazione S.p.A.



From tramp trade to liner services. The launch of new commercial initiatives



Opening of new offices, consolidation of the business and strengthening of the fleet



d’Amico Group debuts in new business areas and new services are offered



Specialization and growth via external lines. In 1998 acquisition of Italia di Navigazione S.p.A.



Focus on the core business. DIS is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in 2007



Decade of international expansion, fleet renewal program and consolidation of the Sustainability Strategy



New decade of challenges: Digitalization and Decarbonization

2022 Sustainability Report 

In this fifth edition of our Group Sustainability Report we proudly reaffirm the unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility. By providing deeper insights into the organization's future aspirations and strategies, this report empowers the stakeholders to make thoughtful and well-informed evaluations of how the Group is fulfilling its mission and translating vision into impactful actions. Our daily, steady commitment to reducing our environmental impact is not just a goal; it's the legacy we want to leave for the next generations. We work tirelessly every day to make our vessels safer and more sustainable through continuous inspections, analysis, and targeted actions that surpass the standards of compliance. This progress is possible thanks to the dedication and expertise of our people. Together, we face new challenges head-on with focus and passion, which have always driven our company forward.
Every mile counts, and with the collective effort of our team, we strive to create a better and more sustainable future.

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Corporate Video

The video covers the stages of d’Amico Group.
The history of over 60 years, based on professional excellence and the values of the d’Amico family entrepreneurial tradition.
A Group, which has always looked towards the future, putting clients first and with ongoing commitment to technological innovation to ensure maximum respect for the environment and for the sea.